How To Use Google Adwords For Business?

Owning a business online is challenging and packed with competitors with a massive marketing budget. Even with help from the best SEO team, it might take months or even years to make it to the first page on Google.

If you’re looking for the best-paid advertising methods, try PPC (Pay Per Click). Google AdWords is a dedicated advertising service that caters to businesses that want their ads to crop up on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages, aka SERPs. This useful marketing strategy enables enterprises to attract customers online. However, before going ahead, you need to be aware of the necessary know-how to implement this tool. And our guide is here to help you with that.

Preparation: Understand Your Main Goals

Different organizations have different expectations from their marketing campaigns. When you curate an advertising plan, you need to be more specific. What are your end goals? Is it generating sales, increasing registrations and email sign-ups, generating leads, or promoting your brand? You can also have more than one objective, but each purpose should have its advertising strategy. 

Landing Page

When any user clicks on your ad, they will reach a specific URL, which will be the link to your landing page. Your landing page is not your website but a specially designed page that reflects your objective. If you want your AdWords campaign to be successful, you should pay attention to this page. A well-designed and optimized landing page is essential for lead generation and conversion.

When you create a landing page, remember to design separate pages for separate offers. If your page has multiple offers or showcases several objectives, it will end up confusing your visitors. Include a clear Call To Action (CTA) button. Moreover, your landing page should be accessible on any device – desktops, iPads, and smartphones. It should be sincere in its words and action – if you are giving a discount, make sure its provided.

Installing the Google AdWords Account

Now it is time to set up the account to use the Google AdWords services. Visit the Google Adwords website and sign up with your Google account. Enter the required details, and you will reach the first page to create the campaign. Pick your budget and target audience. Decide on your bid and create the ad copy. 

Setting up your daily budget is extremely important; only then, you will keep track of your spends and ensure that you don’t cross your expenditure limit. Estimate how many visitors are likely to be converted after reaching your landing page. An average number will work well for beginners. After that, you can calculate how much you are willing to spend per visitor – a figure that is also called Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

Next up, choose your target audience. Having a targeted audience implies that your ad will be displayed only before those customers who use the keywords you’re bidding. Your target audience should also represent your targeted geography.  

Now, pick your keywords from the 15-20 keywords suggested by Google. Finally, set your bid. A bid is an amount you are willing to pay each time someone clicks on your ad. If you give a higher bid than your competitor, your ad will appear before him on Google SERPs. 

With the exact research, you can easily install and start using the services of Google AdWords. Otherwise, you can seek the guidance of an established Google AdWords marketing company that will execute the entire process for you.