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A Beginner’s Guide To Email Marketing for B2B

There are plenty of marketers out there trying to sound the death knell for email marketing. However, recent statistics have proved that this far from the truth. A recent study found that around 91% of consumers like promotional emails from...

B2B Strategies To Increase Growth

B2B marketing has its unique challenges; unlike B2C marketing, it is not easy to inspire interest in a product or service that is technical or intangible. Besides, clients have been in the field for long and armed with years of...

What is Pay Per Click Advertising? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Pay per click advertising, aka PPC marketing, uses a kind of internet marketing model where advertisers pay a fee for each time someone clicks on their ads. It is a way to pay and attract visitors to your site rather than...

Guide for Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO, as the same suggests, refers to the actions offsite, or outside the website, taken to optimise the page. It involves allowing search engines and users to recognise that a site is accessible, authoritative, relevant, and trustworthy. Off-page SEO,...

Digital Marketing: Everything You Need to Know

To a layperson, digital marketing refers to marketing via the internet. It includes all channels and methods used to promote products or services on online and digital platforms such as television, mobile phones, other electronic gadgets, electronic billboards, social media...
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