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UI vs UX: What is the difference, and why does it matter?

UI vs UX: What's the difference? User Experience (UX) relates to the user's experience with a product or service, whereas User Interface (UI) refers to the visual components by which users interact with a product online. Therefore, UX focuses on...
November 29, 2022

Guide to online advertisement in Singapore

Over recent years in Singapore, online advertising has increased dramatically. For the foreseeable future, growth is anticipated to continue. Creating appealing web adverts can sometimes seem complex. Still, with some marketing knowledge, placement in proper locations, and considerations about the...
November 18, 2022

Guide on customizing a WordPress website

WordPress is renowned for its flexibility, and the content management system (CMS) offers website developers a variety of options for both front and back-end customisation, allowing options in design and functionality. The ability to create fully customised themes and plugins...
November 14, 2022

Front-end vs Back-end: What’s the difference?

Websites are made up of two parts: the front end, which users see, and the back end, which is the background code that supports the front end. Both front-end and back-end development are required so that websites run effectively, and...
November 4, 2022

Differences between a Web Browser and a Web Server in Singapore

A web browser is an application we often use to navigate the internet to view website pages. The web server is hardware that stores data and provides users access to the information requested using web browsers using HTTP. The web...
October 28, 2022
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