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Published On: June 27, 2022 Revised On: November 7, 2023

Top Free Website Design Templates

Choosing a ready-made website template is a starting point for designing a website. Many available templates are designed and built by professionals and can look fantastic. However, they often require coding adjustments to suit specific needs, which can pose a challenge if one is unfamiliar with coding languages like HTML and CSS.

In this article, we have gathered a collection of free website templates from reputable sources. These templates are contemporary in design and functionality. We’ve organized them into a clear ranking system by industry, providing you with the resources to select an ideal template for a website without the need to delve into codes.

Role of Templates in Web Development

Website designs are the digital face of a brand, embodying its message, values, and professionalism. In digital marketing, design is an ambassador, engaging visitors, communicating purpose, and influencing decisions. It is not just about looking good; it’s about creating an experience that is intuitive, accessible, and conducive to the objectives of digital marketing—whether that’s to educate, engage, or convert.

Templates serve as a framework, providing a structured canvas where ideas can manifest quickly and effectively. They offer a shortcut to a polished web presence, granting businesses and individuals the ability to launch with speed and consistency. The right template can make web development not only efficient but also ensure it adheres to industry standards and best practices.

Top Free Website Design Templates

Best for: Visual artists 

Utica by Squarespace

Top Free Website Design Templates

The Utica theme from Squarespace is recommended for creatives looking to showcase their photography and artwork designs. The simple black-and-white framework and clean fonts allow the work to take centre stage, and it is possible to choose singular images to serve as links to the rest of a project.

This would be suitable for those who like both organisation and style! Utica’s clean layout also has a great “Our Team” page, which is essential – statistics show that 52% of visitors commented that the first thing they go to on a company’s website is the “About Us” page. The theme emphasises great headshots with personal bios so that every team member can add a personal touch. 

Christian Adams by Site123

Top Free Website Design Templates

Site123’s Christian Adams template is an inspiration for those who are looking to be creative. It allows customising the background image for the landing page and impresses visitors with a good experience.

Upon scrolling, users will find a portfolio preview organised as thumbnail images that enlarge with just one click. This UI/UX front-end design and engagement can happen without navigating away from the landing page, so this would increase the duration of attention for the visitor on the page. 

Best for: Businesses

Hayden by Squarespace

Top Free Website Design Templates

Hayden is a simple and effective business website template for those looking to create a professional-looking website. It’s often used for different types of businesses, such as design agencies, real estate companies, and architecture firms.

The main benefit offered by this template is the abundance of sections highlighting different aspects, such as your portfolio, customer case studies, and client testimonials. Features include a scheduling system for service booking and appointments, a hero section on the front page that leads the reader straight to accomplishments, space to add plenty of photos on the front page to show the work and a CTA button in the menu, which catches attention. 

Barbosa by Squarespace

Top Free Website Design Templates

Squarespace’s Barbosa template commands attention with its simple style – ideal for smaller organisations or eateries looking for good restaurant website templates.

As users scroll through the landing page, they can use the “Learn More” buttons to link to different website sections and give users a preview. Linking to social media pages is also possible from the site’s navigation menu, making it as simple as visiting an internal page to check out your company’s Instagram account. 

Blocksy by WordPress

Top Free Website Design Templates

Blocksy is a lightweight WordPress theme compatible with several page builder plugins. It features a dark mode option and a real-time preview. The built-in drag-and-drop builder has nine header elements, including social icons and a shopping cart. The mobile header option arranges the elements on mobile devices, which offers a good user experience. 

Best for: Blogs

Personal Blog by Wix

Top Free Website Design Templates

Do not be unimpressed by the simple name “Personal Blog”– this template from Wix is unique. Our favourite part is the option to set up a feed of blog posts adjacent to the “About Me” section, which allows us to put a face to who is writing the content. Above that, they display a featured post at the top of the page to draw readers’ attention to the most recent work. 

Fascinate by WordPress

Top Free Website Design Templates

Fascinate is a beautiful WordPress blog theme for professional writers, freelancers, personal portfolios, lifestyle blogs, and fashion businesses. The theme uses gorgeous typography, elegant colour schemes, and an eye-catching featured slider. It also has custom post types, including video, audio, gallery, and quote formats. 

Best for: Events

Carmine by Squarespace

Top Free Website Design Templates

Squarespace’s Carmine template rocks a solid background colour with significant text, making it ideal for advertising an upcoming event. Important information, such as dates and location, will not be overlooked, and images that appear as you scroll keep the layout from becoming monotonous.  Direct links and navigation mean that people can sign up for your event with ease, and the minimalism of this theme feels artsy and fresh – perfect for a creative exhibit or intellectual display. 

Tech Meetup by Site123

Top Free Website Design Templates

Site123’s Tech Meetup template is excellent for communicating potential information attendees need about the event. Underneath the large page header is a space to include the event’s date, time, and place so that visitors will learn the essentials immediately upon finding your landing page. Tech Meetup events benefit from a dedicated “When & Where?” page featuring a map pinpointing the event location. Additionally, an integrated “Checkout” option streamlines the ticket purchasing process

Best Practices for Template Selection

When choosing the right template for a website, a methodical approach can make all the difference. Selecting the most suitable template begins with clearly understanding the site’s purpose. It’s crucial to identify the type of content that will be featured, the intended target audience, and the desired user journey. A template should align closely with the website’s goals, whether to showcase a portfolio, sell products, or provide information.

Next would be to consider long-term scalability. The chosen template should be flexible enough to accommodate future expansion, such as adding new sections, integrating additional functionalities, or scaling up for increased traffic. It’s wise to select a regularly updated template to keep pace with web standards and technology advancements.

Lastly, before selecting, consider the level of customer support provided. A template with a robust support system, including detailed documentation, responsive customer service, and an active community forum, can be useful for troubleshooting and advice. These resources can help optimize the template to fit unique needs and resolve any issues that may occur during customization or maintenance.


The ideal template should not only be visually appealing but also functional, aligning with the strategic objectives of the website. Focus on key features such as responsive design, customization ease, and a well-structured user interface.

Adopting a test-and-learn approach is highly encouraged. Experimentation with different templates on a small scale can reveal what works best. This iterative process allows for fine-tuning both the aesthetics and functionality of a website, ensuring the final product resonates with the audience and fulfils its intended purpose.

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