Blog Graphics for Visual Branding

Blog Graphics for Visual Branding

Whether a business is just starting a blog or redesigning an existing one, it is useful to have a few basic visuals and images in place. Once the business has chosen the appropriate colour palette that properly defines it, they are ready to move on to creating blog graphics.

Blog Graphics for Visual Branding

What are Blog Graphics?

Blog graphics help to market content and attract new visitors. However, including visuals throughout the blog article to break up the content and keep readers interested is just as important.

While establishing an initial blog graphic design may need some time and work, it can utilise the same template for subsequent blog articles once the business has one in place.

Not only do you want to capture the interest of readers, but you also want them to return for additional material and click through the business’s blog posts to subscribe for services or purchase a product. A well-designed blog graphic has the potential to do so.

What Is Visual Branding?

Visual branding is an essential component of a business’s marketing approach. It includes all the visual materials used to represent the company, such as its logo and typeface on its business cards. Each component contributes to the overall appearance and feel of the brand.

Why is Visual Branding important?

Firstly, it represents the brand’s personality and generates an emotional impression on the readers.Second, the brand’s visual identity will help the audience in learning about the company. Potential customers use visual signals to understand:

  • Where the company fits in the market.
  • What distinguishes the brand.
  • What they may expect from the business’s products or services.

Finally, the visual branding approach will serve to unify the various components of the brand through consistent visuals. Whether target customers are reading an email newsletter, an Instagram post, or a brochure, consistent visual branding components will indicate that it is the business speaking.

Blog Graphic Size Options

While the business has complete control over how images appear on the blog, it has minimal control over how links appear on social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

That is why it is critical to learn the best social media picture sizes to produce images correctly.

It is suggested that a business produces several blog graphics, ranging from slightly different designs to varied sizes, so that it may share ideal sizes on each platform and evaluate which designs work best. The business may also create many graphics at once and schedule them for Instagram or other social media sites.

Here are the most common sizes for developing blog graphics:

Facebook: 1200 x 630 pixels

Twitter: 800 x 400 pixels (or any 2:1 ratio)

Instagram: 1080 x 1080 pixels

Instagram Stories: 1080 x 1920 pixels

Pinterest: 735 x 1102 pixels

Graphics Inside Blog Content: any size

Blog Graphics for Visual Branding

Useful Blog Graphics

  1. Blog Header

The header is the first thing the blog’s audience sees. It’s unfortunate, but it is true: a blog header design may instantly captivate or disengage a reader. The header should convey a few details about the website.

This is the business’s opportunity to present its blog’s name, slogan, and a splash of colour and graphics so that viewers understand what it is about.

Blog Graphics for Visual Branding

  1. Blog Logo

As opposed to the header, the logo is intended to represent the business across all platforms, whether print or digital. A logo has to be:

  • Simple
  • Recognizable
  • Scalable
  • Timeless

If a business’s header is basic enough, it can sometimes be utilised as the logo. However, a logo should be considerably simpler than a site’s header.

Variations of the British Airways logo may be seen here. The wordmark spelling out the airline’s name is combined with the Speedmarque brand mark. The Speedmarque, like the Bullseye and Swoosh, is frequently placed with the corporate name and utilised to emphasise the brand’s identity at numerous consumer touchpoints.

Blog Graphics for Visual Branding

  1. Sidebar for highlighted posts or blog sections

The business can keep the custom homepage button theme by adding unique sidebar buttons to its website. These can be used to indicate a variety of things, including popular posts, a product, or even blog categories.

Customising this sidebar portion may make featured content regions stand out significantly as it is far more interesting than dull text links.

Blog Graphics for Visual Branding


Blog graphics are an essential part of any blog post for promotional purposes and breaking up significant text bits with visuals.The appropriate visual branding can quickly captivate customers, attract top talent, and empower internal teams. It may act as a guiding force, keeping you true to your core values and inspiring you to drive your business to new heights.