Useful Ahrefs Features For SEO Beginners
Published On: April 8, 2022 Revised On: October 31, 2023

Useful Ahrefs Features For SEO Beginners

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of enhancing a website’s presence, ensuring it is both discoverable and favorable for search engines. A well-optimized website can significantly boost traffic, brand awareness, and ultimately, sales.

Ahrefs, a prominent SEO tool, offers a range of features that aid in understanding and improving website performance in search rankings. This article will share its range of features that provides data-driven insights such as backlink analysis, exploring competitor websites or researching on high-potential keywords.

Understanding Ahrefs Features

The platform is renowned for its comprehensive data collection. With detailed data, this helps that decisions can be made on complete and regularly updated information. Another aspect is its user-friendly interface. With its clear and intuitive design, easily navigate the plaftorm, making the process of researching on insights less daunting and more productive.

Site Explorer: Website’s Diagnostic

The overview and purpose of the site explorer is to provide a holistic understanding of any given website’s health and performance where the vital signs of a website are assessed. This includes metrics related to its health, visibility, and overall performance in search rankings.

A function that it has is to identify and analyze backlinks. Backlinks are essential for a website’s search engine ranking, emphasizing their quality and relevance. Another function is the tool’s ability to monitor organic search traffic. Organic traffic, or visits from search engine results without paid promotion, gives insight into the effectiveness of a website’s SEO strategy.

Site Explorer tracks these metrics and provides data on which keywords are leading visitors to the site and how individual pages rank in search results. Lastly, the tool allows for the exploration of competitor’s top pages. By assessing which pages perform best for competitors, insights can be gained on successful content strategies, influential backlinks, and high-performing keywords. This information is invaluable for adapting and improving a website’s content and SEO approach.

Keywords Explorer: Unveiling Opportunities

Keywords represent the queries and interests of users, guiding them to relevant content. Selecting the right keywords ensures that a website’s content reaches its intended audience and ranks well on search engines. With the vast digital landscape, it can be challenging to identify which keywords are relevant and valuable.

Keywords explorer simplifies this by suggesting a plethora of related terms and phrases, providing a broader perspective and uncovering hidden opportunities. However, not all keywords are equal. Understanding keyword difficulty is essential to determine how challenging it might be to rank for a particular term.

This tool offers this insight, enabling informed decisions on which terms to target based on competition and feasibility. Lastly, an in-depth view of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) overview and position history offers valuable context. By understanding how a keyword has performed historically and analyzing the current top-ranking pages, strategies can be tailored to meet the evolving demands of search engine algorithms and user intent.

Content Explorer: Discovering Performing Content

One of the primary uses of the content explorer is exploring for viral articles in a specific niche. By sifting through a list of articles, the tool highlights content that has gained significant traction, helping to pinpoint themes or topics that resonate with audiences within a particular domain.

Delving deeper, it’s vital to understand content metrics and their importance. These metrics provide insights into the overall performance and reach of a piece of content. By leveraging this tool, get a clear picture of how content is perceived, how widely it’s being shared, and its standing in search engine rankings.

Lastly, in any market, there will be content gaps—topics or angles not yet adequately addressed by competitors. Identifying these gaps can offer a competitive edge. Content explorer aids in this by comparing prevalent content themes against those less frequently covered, spotlighting potential areas where there’s room to write content to capture audience interest.

Rank Tracker: Monitor SEO Progress

Rank tracker allows the input specific keywords to monitor, relating to the domain or content. Once set up, the tool continuously tracks the website’s ranking for these keywords on search engines. This continuous monitoring helps in learning the effectiveness of SEO strategies and content changes over time.

Equally important is the feature allowing for viewing competitor movements. This feature keeps a tab on how competitors are performing for the same set of keywords, offering insights into their strategies and giving a comparative view of where one’s content stands in the competitive landscape.

Additionally, the modern SERP isn’t just about organic rankings. There are numerous SERP features—like featured snippets, local packs, and knowledge panels—that can significantly influence visibility and click-through rates. This tool provides insights into which of these features a website is appearing in, making it easier to tailor strategies to target or optimize for specific requirements.

Site Audit: Website Health

A website requires regular maintenance and checks to ensure it operates at peak efficiency. The site audit tool facilitates by providing a comprehensive analysis of a website’s overall health and performance. As websites grow and evolve, they can accumulate issues that might go unnoticed—issues that can adversely impact search rankings or user experience. Conducting routine audits ensures that these problems are identified early, allowing for timely rectifications.

Among the challenges a website can face, there are certain common errors that frequently occur. These might include broken links, duplicate content, or missing meta descriptions. With the tool, spotting these errors becomes straightforward. Once identified, they can be promptly rectified, ensuring the website remains user-friendly and search engine optimized.

Beyond addressing errors, improving a website’s ranking requires enhancing on-page SEO. On-page SEO involves optimizing individual web pages to rank higher and attract more relevant traffic. The audit tool offers insights into areas like keyword density, content quality, and internal linking structures. By making data-informed adjustments based on these insights, the website’s on-page SEO can be substantially improved, resulting in better search visibility and increased organic traffic.

Backlink Checker: Link Profile

Backlinks serve as endorsements for a website from authoritative and relevant sites signal trustworthiness and quality to search engines. They can significantly bolster a website’s authority, improving its chances of ranking higher in search results. Analyze different link types with this tool.

‘Dofollow’ links, for example, pass on SEO juice, boosting the linked page’s authority. In contrast, ‘Nofollow’ links don’t pass on this SEO value but still can bring in valuable traffic and lend credibility. This checker sheds shows on the composition of these link types, enabling a more nuanced understanding of a website’s backlink profile.

The tool can also evaluate Domain and URL Ratings. A link from a highly-rated domain can be more beneficial than multiple links from lesser-known sources. By understanding these ratings, prioritize efforts towards acquiring high-quality backlinks and refining link-building strategy.

SEO Toolbar: Instant Insights

The SEO Toolbar is an extension readily available for web browsers. Once installed, it integrates, displaying essential SEO metrics for any webpage visited. The installation process is simple and it offers the convenience of not requiring to switch between applications or platforms.

Whether it’s backlink data, domain rating, or keyword rankings, these metrics are displayed prominently, allowing for a quick overview of a website’s SEO health. This instant access aids in making prompt decisions or evaluations without diving deep into a separate analysis tool.

Elements such as title tags, meta descriptions, header tags, and keyword density can also be quickly assessed. These on-page elements are crucial for optimal website performance in search engines, and with the toolbar, spotting potential areas of improvement becomes a hassle-free task.

Academy and Resources: Continuous Learning

The academy is designed to be user-centric, ensuring ease of navigation even for those new to the platform. The structured layout categorizes courses based on topics and proficiency levels, making it simple for users to find and embark on their learning journey. Whether seeking foundational knowledge or diving into advanced strategies, the platform’s intuitive design streamlines the exploration process.

These foundational modules cover topics ranging from the basics of search engine optimization to understanding keyword research and link building. Each course is crafted with clarity, ensuring newcomers grasp the essentials and are well-prepared to delve deeper into the nuances of SEO. Ahrefs continually updates its resource pool, offering articles, webinars, and tutorials on the latest in SEO. By regularly engaging with these resources, remain updated of emerging trends, strategies, and best practices.


Success in search engine optimization is a combination of quality content and understanding how to enhance its visibility using the right tools. With in-depth insights, data, and actionable strategies, optimize approach, ensuring content reaches its intended audience and achieves optimal impact.

By keeping pace with the latest knowledge, and being adaptable, navigate the challenges and ensure sustained success and growth. At ARCC, we offer search engine optimization services (SEO) in Singapore, using a variety of tools for in-depth research and data analysis. Contact us for a complimentary website audit, and let us guide you on the best strategies to enhance your site’s performance.