Useful Ahrefs Features For SEO Beginners

Useful Ahrefs Features For SEO Beginners

What is Ahrefs?

Ahrefs is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) software suite that includes tools for link building, keyword research, competitor analysis, rank tracking, and site audits. The majority of Ahrefs’ features are targeted toward marketing professionals.

In a nutshell, Ahrefs is a popular SEO tool that individuals use to improve their Google results.

What is Ahrefs Used For?

Ahrefs is primarily used to assess the link profile, keyword rankings, and SEO health of a website.

Useful Ahrefs Features For SEO Beginners

Ahrefs may also be used to perform keyword research for Google, YouTube, and Amazon.

Useful Ahrefs Features For SEO Beginners

Furthermore, many users utilise Ahrefs to locate content that has done well (in terms of social shares or links) on a specific topic.

Useful Ahrefs Features For SEO Beginners

Ahrefs Features

The SEO platform might be intimidating to a total newcomer. Ahrefs offers a variety of tools and services that can help with a business’s SEO or marketing efforts. Here is a list of three basic and practical features that businesses can explore.

1. Backlink Analysis

Ahrefs is well-known for its backlink data, despite its other features and interface. With all of this information available, it’s simple to obtain the information wanted to achieve some quick wins and insights for a site.

Find Unlinked Mentions

Go to the “Content Explorer” page to find the business’s brand name. The business may also use the “-site” search operator to filter out instances of their domain, which are likely to be numerous. Ahrefs allows the business to highlight fields that are not connecting back to it, making it simple to identify low-hanging fruit for outreach.

Useful Ahrefs Features For SEO Beginners

Locate Broken Backlinks

Suppose the site has undergone significant migration or structural changes. In that case, some current backlinks may refer to 404 pages on your site, mainly if you did not make a move with SEO in mind.

In Ahrefs, go to the “Best by Links” report in the “Site Explorer” section and filter for backlinks to 404 pages on the site.  This set of URLs is ready for 301 redirects. Find existing pages that are most closely related to the material on the 404 page and make a 301 redirect from the 404 URL to the identified existing page. This will improve the equity of your 200 status code pages and create a better experience for customers that click on such links.

The business may even export this list in order to start working on a redirect list for its development team to implement.

Useful Ahrefs Features For SEO Beginners

Get a Glimpse of Competitor’s Backlinks

Backlink data from Ahrefs is not just valuable for the business’s site: It can also be used to look at rivals’ backlink profiles. Here are a few things to keep a lookout for:

  • Is there a significant increase in backlinks referring to competitors’ sites?

This might hint that they are promoting a new content item or launching a large-scale outreach campaign.

  • Is there a particular style of material that rivals use to gain important links?

These content strategies may be worth investigating further and incorporating into the business’s content strategy.

  • Is there a specific site that links to rivals but does not yet link to the business’s site?

These may be excellent prospects for focused outreach for its website.

2. Keyword Research

It is all about leveraging paid search data to uncover long-tail keyword opportunities these days. If paid data is difficult to obtain, Ahrefs has the business covered.

In addition to conventional data like search traffic and keyword difficulty seen in other SEO systems, Ahrefs’ Keyword Explorer effectively displays relevant inquiries and questions. This is extremely useful when creating content outlines and audits for clients or the business’s website since it highlights the sorts of inquiries and solutions customers are seeking.

Useful Ahrefs Features For SEO Beginners

3. Find Organic Opportunities

Check out the “Site Explorer” option and input the URL the business is working on when searching for some fast organic chances to help improve an existing page.

Then, go to the “Organic Keywords” page and filter by position (Filter #6-#20 to seek long-distance prospects). It is also good to omit any branded searches since the business would most likely rank highly for those, and optimization options may be limited.

There would be a list of fast keyword chances where the business content is currently ranking well and could easily be in the race for the top results in the search results with some strategic improvement.

Useful Ahrefs Features For SEO Beginners


Without a doubt, Ahrefs is one of the most excellent tools available for SEO beginners and content teams. Ahrefs is a powerhouse for organic performance, from link building to generating fresh keyword ideas and performing backlink profile research.

Ahrefs features are simple to use, hence individuals can begin using them right away and understand without needing to consult an expert. However, in order to improve organic search success, these features should be used in the context of respective procedures.