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We can redesign your website for creative business

Does your website’s appearance need a boost or content requires an upgrade or it lower bounce rate and higher conversion rate? We are here for you to find the root cause to a website’s lack of popularity through strategic study of website analytics, responsiveness and customer feedback. We carry out website redesign based on technical needs, evaluation of long and short term business objectives and benchmark data.

Tools we use to redesign your website


Adobe photoshop

This raster graphics editor created by Adobe edits digital art and graphics using layering to enable depth and flexibility in the correction process.


Elaborated as hypertext markup language it is used for creation of web pages as it interacts with web browsers through elements to tell how to display website pages and content.


Elaborated as cascading style sheet this language is used for creating designs on a web page like colors, fonts and layout.
Website Redesign


This lightweight programming language is used for implementing complex features on web pages like content updates, 2D and 3 D graphics, display interactive maps and display video jukeboxes.

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Working Process


Collect Information

During this stage we get clear understanding about clients’ website’s purpose, target audience and goals that they wish to achieve in order to use appropriate technology as per aims and purpose.


Create Wireframe

Based on information received our developers create a website map that outlines relations between main areas or pages of the website to help client understand how the website will look/


Build website

After wireframe approval the process of content writing, inserting that with images, calls to action, coding and other compilation processes of website building is done.



During this phase we use detailed elements to guide visitors through the various sales funnels with calls to action for converting them into buyers.


Project delivery

After checking and testing website for security and strength the project is delivered to client by loading it to a server and then run another test to ensure that all files are running as expected.
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