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Website updates and maintenance is a perennial exercise and it should be done consistently to keep the information current and relevant. To maintain website health awareness and regular checkup is critical particularly if it is a large e-commerce site with thousands of pages displaying information about products. As the main purpose of having a website is to improve client base and business through ranking on search engines regular updation of content and information is necessary to keep it relevant.

Steps for Website Maintenance & Updates

Websites Updates &  Maintenance

To be done weekly

  • Check for error-free page uploads
  • Make backup to ensure that previous website version is stored safely
  • Website updates with required plugins and software
  • Check that all website forms are running well
  • Check pages and posts for spam comments and remove them
  • Remove broken links from all pages
  • Fix and redirect 404 errors on
  • Write blogs regularly to keep viewers engaged and build SEO traffic
  • Test and review popups and calls to action details
  • Add colorful visuals and videos to make website interesting
Websites Updates &  Maintenance

To be done weekly

  • Check website load speed to ensure that it is not bogged down
  • Carry out security scans to ensure everything is in place
  • Analysis of website statistics from previous month
  • Check blog articles and remove outdated information
  • Review graphics and images on website to remove and update old details
  • Review website design and structure for improvement
  • Test website on multiple devices and browsers to check if it displays as desired
  • Check efficiency of workload and review if some activities can be automated
  • Review all promotional campaigns to see if information needs to be updated or removed
  • Check past version of the website to confirm backup health

To be done weekly

  • Update all references to current year
  • Review all pages for accuracy of content, grammer, relevance and typography
  • Review email addresses for duplicates and delete obsolete and expired ones
  • Ensure renewal of website domain name
  • Consider design update of website
  • Review most shared blog articles and polish them with new content
  • Check rankings on search engines to improve SEO by redoing page titles and content
  • Review visibility on local searches to improve ranking
  • Make yearly updates to copyright date on website’s footer
  • Align website strategy to your long-term business goals

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Working Process



Google ranks websites on the basis of fresh content, quick load time and navigation abilities so regular analysis and maintenance is required to keep it updated and current.


Segregation of work deliverables

As website maintenance experts we know which are the areas of potential improvement and regions that require extra attention and work is segregated to maintain timely deliverables.


Test Demonstration

Demonstrate usability and functionality of website through tests on the design and content to validate requirements. Demonstrate that website can be viewed in all formats and browsers without any compatibility issues.


Maintenance Service

Website maintenance involves regular upgradation of software to ensure optimal performance and detect problems and rectify them as early as possible.


Website deployment

The deployment needs of first time website owner will be very different from owners that want redesigning as old data also has to be included for smooth transition.


Operational assistance

We provide all operational assistance to protect website from data hacks, information leaks by keeping site plugins and security patches updated. By performing off site backups and file systems we keep all operations updated.
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