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Real time web application to build high quality business website

We use real time web applications that help us to create visually stunning websites which are able to handle real time data and manage high level of engagement.  These are able to maintain interaction between server and user in real time as they use web socket transfer protocol.

Framework we use for Real time web application



This server side open source environment is designed for building network applications that are fast and easily scalable. It allows developers to create platform independent web applications that can process several thousand requests simultaneously.

Fire Base

This mobile application development platform from Google enables creation of mobile applications and also improve and grow them over a period of time. Its three core functionalities like user authentication, realtime database and hosting.

Framework we use for Real time web application

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Working Process



The first step in application development process is consulting and planning the design layout as per client specification using open source tools.



Developing the application design and user interface with UI components to create basic functionalities.


Real Time Feature Integration

At this stage all basic real time features like push notifications, tracking, live streaming and many more are integrated into the application which can be shared between the server and users.
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