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AMP Makes your website load faster on mobiles

In today’s world where nearly half of all internet based traffic comes from mobile devices corporates can lose critical business if their websites are not optimised for mobiles. Websites using AMP technology load at lighting fast speed on mobiles without altering any of the primary content. This is because two versions of every page have to be maintained and the original version will be the one that viewers see and other one is its AMP version.

Basic tools we use to load your website faster



Hypertext Markup language is a programming language describes information structure on a webpage.It is one of the building blocks of web page designing as all websites on the internet are designed using HTML as the main language.


It is a software language that describes web page presentation and allows web designers to adapt a website’s presentation to various types of devices like PCs’, laptops, mobiles and printers. It stores style information of webpages on a website and helps in makes maintenance easy.

Basic tools we use to load your website faster


Java Script

This software programming language was created for facilitating web pages creation. This client scripting standalone language was developed to make web pages dynamic that would enable them to rollover, or rollout and others. It is used for creating presentation details of websites and is generally used for front end web development.

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Working Process


Collect Information

Gather details about essential information that has to be present on hand-held devices so that users are not confused when they try to access the same website on desktop or laptops.



The information on website is converted into content suitable for reading and viewing on mobile phones.



Presentation of website with content and design suitable across all platforms to client within agreed time frame.
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