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Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

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Elevate Mobile Web Experience with AMP

AMP optimises web content to ensure almost instantaneous loading on mobile devices. This rapid loading is essential in maintaining user engagement and minimising bounce rates, impacting overall site effectiveness. Search engines, like Google, favour websites with faster loading times, especially for mobile. Implementing AMP enhances visibility and ranking in search engine results, expanding reach.

Basic tools we use to load your website faster



We use AMP-specific HTML tags to create fast-rendering pages. These tags ensure that the essential elements of your website load first, giving users immediate access to your content. Additionally, AMP HTML is designed to ensure strict validation rules are met.



CSS in AMP is used to style AMP HTML pages. We adhere to a maximum size limit for inline CSS, which helps reduce the overall page size and loading time. Our design team crafts CSS that provides a visually appealing layout while staying within the AMP guidelines.

Supercharge Website’s Mobile Performance


Java Script

AMP relies on its own library which is designed to manage resource loading, giving priority to important content and thus enhancing the page loading speed. This standardised JavaScript library ensures a smooth, fast, and reliable user experience.

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B2B Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Services

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Working Process


Analysis & Strategy

We begin by analyzing and determining the best strategy to implement AMP. This involves assessing the current architecture and design elements.


AMP Development

We then create AMP-compatible versions, focusing on performance and compliance. We test the AMP pages to ensure they meet performance.


Launch & Monitoring

Once the AMP pages are live, we continuously monitor their performance and make necessary adjustments to maintain optimal speed and efficiency.

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