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We create all kind explainer video for big bussiness

These short videos can be used by businesses to explain themselves in brief and how their solutions can help solve customers’ problems. These explainer videos can be used for television, social media, online advertisements and on corporate websites.

Infographic Style Animation

This type of 2D videos will have a combination of exciting visual effects on both images and graphics to explain products and services or how to use them. These are also called motion graphics that make videos dynamic and colorful. These videos are ideal for small and mid sized business organisations.

Live Action

This is a non animation type of explainer video and fairly easy to make as it uses real people to explain process of using product or service. It is ideal for businesses selling people oriented products and services to help build emotional connection with viewers.

White Board Animation

In this video sequential images are drawn on a whiteboard to explain products and services along with details about how to use them or their benefits. They activate the mirror neurons of viewers and make them feel that they have accomplished something.

Cartoon Style Animation

This adventurous concept uses a mix of humorous characters, appropriate sound elements and environmental details to create the perfect background setting to create an engaging story


Tools we use to create your Explainer video


Adobe illustrator

This designing software from Adobe is used by explainer video development to design and develop illustrations which are then transported into its After Effects software of Adobe.

Adobe After Effect

It is one of the most commonly used software for making special effects for explainer videos and television commercials. It helps in creation of visual effects like motion graphics for videos and presentations used online.

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Working Process


Concept Creation

Our creative team starts the process by developing multiple rough concepts and then narrowing down to the best and unique ones that are in line with your business marketing strategy. These are then pitched to clients and after approval the video is created with detailed script and appropriate visuals.


Script Writing

It represents the core of explainer video and involves analyzing the words and content which will be part of the video. In general around 160-180 words per minute are used in a 60 second video.


Voice Over Creation

This film making technique is used for providing voice to animations, people and cartoons that are part of a promotional video. Voice overs are used to tell stories and provide quick details through the viewpoint of a video film character.



After the concept is created and details like illustrations, graphics and text are arranged in a logical manner to create an animated promotional. video to make



Completed video is edited for keeping the content crisp and interesting using editing app and fine-tuned with music and graphics before delivering it to client.
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