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Reach more customers faster on SMS Gateway solution

Businesses that use SMS as a form of communication with customers know that 90 percent of all messages sent by text are read within three minutes of delivery. It is one of the most effective and convenient ways to keep in touch with target customers as details like images, videos, PDF’s and short links can be inserted to bring them to your landing page.

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How SMS Gateway can improve your business

Communicating with customers through text messages can help in improving engagement and retention while reducing workload on customer service teams and enhancing customer satisfaction.

  • SMS gateways can help you to send personalized messages to customers with their names in more than 20 languages at different times of the day.
  • These campaigns can be measured for outreach and effectiveness with real time delivery reports and click metrics for all links and attachments sent as short-links.
  • Add calls to actions like discount vouchers, tickets, contact forms and surveys as short URL’s to SMS campaigns.
  • Provide updates, notifications and receive customer enquiries on messaging services like WhatsApp.

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