how much does it cost for website hosting in singapore
Published On: September 7, 2022 Revised On: April 19, 2023

Top Features That Affect the Cost of Website Hosting in Singapore

One of the ways to increase website traffic is to have a fast website. Businesses with slow-loading pages frustrate visitors, leave negative impressions, and lose potential sales.

Having the right website hosting can help transform a slow website into one that is faster and has a better user experience for visitors!

Website hosting helps businesses and individuals to make websites accessible on the Internet to their target audience. The right web hosting providers are fast, reliable, secure, and offer around-the-clock support.

But before looking for a website hosting service, let us share the ideal features of one. In this guide post, we’ll discuss what features are needed to look out for and the steps required to take to spot the best website hosting in Singapore:

How Much Does Website Hosting Cost in Singapore?

Let’s start by discussing the typical cost of website hosting and maintenance in Singapore:

For a Small Business or Blog

Small businesses make up 99% of all enterprises. So, if you fall into this category, website hosting might cost you the following:

  • Domain Name: $15 to $30
  • Web Hosting Service: $100 to $350
  • SSL Certificate or License: Between $0 and $150
  • Technical Support: $0 to $600
  • Updates: Up to $600
  • Analytics: $80 to $250
  • Total: $600 to $3600
For a Medium-Sized Business

If you’re a medium-sized business, you’ll notice a few differences in your plan and costs:

  • Domain Name: $15 to $30
  • Web Hosting Service: Up to $350
  • SSL Certificate or License: Between $0 and $150
  • Technical Support: $0 to $600
  • Updates: $600 to $2000
  • Analytics: $100 to $250
  • SEO Services: $500 to $3000
  • Total: $1200 to $6500
For a Large-Sized Business

Hosting a multi-national business does not mean you’ll need additional pages. So, your costs won’t differ that much:

  • Domain Name: $15 to $30
  • Web Hosting Service: $350 to $500
  • SSL Certificate or License: Between $0 and $150
  • Technical Support: $0 to $600
  • Updates: Up to $2000
  • Analytics: $100 to $250
  • SEO Services: $500 to $6000
  • Total: $1800 to $10000
For a Web Application

If you’re seeking web hosting for a web application, your costs may vary:

  • Analytics: $100 to $250
  • Domain Name: $15 to $30
  • SEO Services: $500 to $1800
  • SSL Certificate or License: Between $0 and $150
  • Technical Support: Up to $1000
  • Updates: Up to $3600
  • Web Hosting Service: Up to $500
  • Total: $1500 to $7200
For E-commerce

Since e-commerce businesses usually have more functions and information, the cost of web hosting is slightly more expensive:

  • Domain Name: $15 to $30
  • Web Hosting Service: $350 to $500
  • SSL Certificate or License: Between $0 and $150
  • Technical Support: $0 to $600
  • Updates: $600 to $2000
  • Analytics: $100 to $250
  • SEO Services: $700 to $3000
  • Total: $1200 to $8000

Top Features to Check When Selecting a Website Hosting

Finding the right website hosting in Singapore starts with learning which features you should be on the lookout for. These include:


Bandwidth is the amount of data transmitted per second and plays a critical role in determining the performance of your website.

When it comes to ensuring a fast and reliable website, bandwidth is key to keeping it up and running.

Data Backup

Data backup is essential to ensure your confidential data remains safe and secure in case of a disaster or system failure.

If your desired web hosting plan doesn’t include this feature, you might have to pay extra to access it.

Disk Space

As the name suggests, disk space is the size of the storage devices and memory. Technicians measure this factor in gigabytes, terabytes, or petabytes.

For most businesses, terabytes are sufficient, but some prefer a device that exceeds terabyte capacity.

Domain Names

Website domains refer to the address of your website.

Registering a domain name relevant to your products and services makes it easy to remember and attracts more customers.


Different companies offer different web hosting packages at varying prices. So, consider comparing a couple of website hosting packages before you make a final decision.

SSL Certificates

Identify whether your desired hosting company offers an SSL certificate as a bonus to their services. If not, you’ll have to purchase it to protect your website from phishing scams and malicious hackers. SSL encrypts your data so no malevolent virus by any hacker can intercept it.


Uptime entails how long your website stays online and running. Businesses track uptime to determine whether their website is clunky or smooth.

Website Security

Web hosting providers offer security by offering malware scanner protection, spam protection, content filtering, etc.

These features will keep your data safe and eliminate the risk of running into cybercriminals.

Website Speed Optimization

Website speed optimisation determines how fast your website loads so customers can access information quickly. It plays a critical role in driving traffic.

Steps to Finding the Perfect Web Hosting in Singapore

Let us now share four crucial factors that significantly impact your choice. Let’s discuss this in detail:

Step 1: Identify the Hosting You Require

You can find four types of hosting to meet varying business needs and budget requirements. These include:

Shared Hosting: A website shares the same server with other websites. It is the cheapest and easiest option, ideal for beginners.

Cloud Hosting: A website uses multiple servers to balance the load and improve uptime. In such cases, the website doesn’t go down when the server underperforms.

Dedicated: You get the entire server for your website but need to have excellent server management skills. It is comparatively the most expensive option.

VPS-Virtual Private Server: It combines shared and dedicated hosting services as you get a separate set of resources but share the server with other users. Although it’s a costlier option, stability, performance, and level of resources are much better.

Step 2: Determine Your Budget and Confirm the Hosting Contracts’ Subscription Period

Web hosting companies have several price packages depending on the hosting and resources you want. However, the hosting cost comprises much more than the subscription fee. You should also check the renewal charges and other upselling techniques to keep the package within the budget.

Step 3: Check Performance Results

Uptime and response time play a significant role in setting the performance of a server. It is because you want your website to be up and running 100%, which is technically impossible. So, look for a hosting company that offers 99.99% uptime and an average response time of 600mms or less.

Step 4: Find the Nearest Server

It is always recommended to work with hosting services in the country where your target audience is based. If your audience is in Singapore, choose a company with a database in that country or nearby locations. The location of your server directly impacts the loading time of the website.

With this detailed, comprehensive guide, you can easily find a hosting company that meets your requirements. Apart from the cost, you should also consider other factors as well to make the right choice for a hassle-free web hosting experience.