WordPress vs Wix
Published On: February 20, 2023 Revised On: April 11, 2023

The Differences Between WordPress & Wix

Technology has faced an exponential rise in advancement in this day and age. Wherever we go, we see touchscreens light up in our palms. Folks of all ages had gotten so used to handling technology that it’s almost surreal to think about a time when the internet didn’t exist.So, it should not be surprising that, as of 2023, the internet holds about 1.13 billion websites. Businesses rely heavily on an internet presence, hence the necessity of creating websites to boost online visibility. Many users develop websites in Singapore for their personal use, too.

There is plenty of paid and free software to accommodate the growing demand for website development. In this article, we will share two platforms: WordPress.org (not to be confused with WordPress.com) and Wix. These are two of the most popular systems for developing a website.

Which of these should one opt to create a website? The selection process may be particularly daunting for those who have not built a website before, but fret not! This article shall detail some of the crucial distinctions between WordPress and Wix.

Here are some things to consider.

1.    WordPress.org is always free

Yes, Wix can be free. However, Wix also offers a range of pricing options extending to a Business VIP plan for $59 monthly. One might ask: why pay? The answer is simple. A Premium Wix plan allows a website’s owner to connect their domain. This means the name ‘Wix’ isn’t attached anywhere on the domain name. Significantly, a paid plan allows for removing Wix advertisements from a website. An owner will then receive a one-year free domain voucher. Free accounts on Wix do not come with free tracking and website analytics.

WordPress.org, on the other hand, is always free. One should first understand that WordPress.org requires hosting, while WordPress.com differs from the former in that it will host a website on its servers.

Essentially, it all boils down to one’s marketing budget in developing a website. Which services to pay for, and which to forgo? These are questions one must consider when opting between WordPress and Wix.

2.    Wix is more user-friendly

The Differences Between WordPress & Wix

Wix is typically the more user-friendly option compared to WordPress.org. Wix is a more streamlined website builder platform that uses drag-and-drop tools, ready-made templates, and a quick sign-up process. The platform also does not limit the number of sites created under a sole Wix account. If designing and choosing a website is too daunting, letting Wix’s AI technology create the website design is also possible.

WordPress, on the other hand, requires a steeper learning curve. It will be easier to use WordPress if one has some web design and development knowledge. This is because WordPress is an open-source platform that requires time from website developers. One would have to find a web host and install it, and If there are any technical issues, the website’s creator is responsible for fixing them. This is why developers would probably have an easier time using WordPress than beginners in website building.

Here is a quick guide on website building using Wix.

3.    WordPress allows for flexibility

The Differences Between WordPress & Wix

WordPress is known as a content management system (CMS). This typically means that users have more independent control over their websites and more flexibility for creativity.

Because WordPress requires its clients to troubleshoot any issues with their websites themselves, this could also mean that WordPress users have more freedom to handle their sites. Developers can design the website using CSS and HTML to suit different requirements.

Wix comes with about 1000 free website design templates. And yes, while these are great, they don’t allow for as much creative freedom design-wise.  WordPress has some templates, but its templates’ codes can be tweaked to allow website creators to change whatever they want about their designs. The possibilities here are almost endless.

4.    WordPress works well for digital marketing and SEO purposes

WordPress and Wix offer diverse features that boost their clients’ websites for SEO and digital marketing. Wix is great for basic marketing and SEO. It provides customisable page titles and descriptions and allows users to insert alt tags to images and integrate Google Analytics.

But when it comes to the more intricate details, WordPress takes the win. It’s popular among digital marketers – typically, it’s more flexible in integrating SEO and digital marketing. There are pre-existing features and plug-ins to help optimise websites for search engines. These also aid website creators in engaging with their target audiences through descriptions, alt tags in images, page titles, integration with Google Analytics, support for structured data, and so on.

One of the more popular plug-ins that WordPress uses is Yoast SEO. It’s incredibly user-friendly and provides very detailed descriptions of how a particular article or post can be improved to boost SEO ratings for a website.

The Verdict

When it comes to website development in Singapore, the two software have their pros and cons and is suited for different requirements.

Wix’s website-building features are more visual. It’s also notably convenient, which saves much time. Having a budget and opting for a paid Wix account can provide the website with additional features that could make a difference in how the website is presented to the world.

WordPress, on the other hand, is complex. But it allows for greater creative freedom and flexibility.

Choosing the best-suited platform requires considering a few factors, such as the marketing budget. Does one have coding knowledge or the time to learn? What are the plans regarding a website? Who is the target audience?

It is best to map out a decent vision for your website before embarking on the journey of creating a website. Overall, WordPress and Wix are two of the most popular website-building software. So, one cannot go wrong with either one as long as it meets the requirements.