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Published On: October 10, 2022 Revised On: April 11, 2023

Guide to building an attractive website in Singapore

Did you know that, based on statistics, 48% of online users voted that the design of a website is a crucial component in determining a company’s credibility? The design of a website influences how visitors perceive a business or individual online, and a visually appealing website can set a business apart from competitors. Being unique may also enable a company or individual to stand out from the crowd and, in return, generate more leads. A website should always be visually appealing for visitors to form a lasting and favourable impression. Lets us share six tips in this marketing blog on how to make a website more attractive in Singapore.

Design for the user First

Guide to building an attractive website in Singapore

When creating websites, we should always focus on designing for a good user experience. The visitors will be the ones to interact with the website to learn more about the product or services. Consider how to design a website to give the audience the best possible experience when building it.

When designing a website, examine components such as the design format, navigation, and visual elements. With better user experiences, visitors will stay on the website longer, which can help to generate more leads and enquiries.

User experience is crucial since it works to meet the demands of the user. It seeks to deliver satisfying experiences that maintain a user’s loyalty to the good or service. A meaningful user experience also enables you to specify consumer journeys on your product that are most beneficial to commercial achievement.

Choose colours that align with the branding

Guide to building an attractive website in Singapore

The right colours that complement the business branding will help create a beautiful website. Choosing appropriate colour choices when designing a website is highly recommended as it positively impacts how users perceive the brand or product.

Different hues have various connotations. It would be best to comprehend the significance of multiple shades affecting how people perceive the brand. If the brand already has colour codes, incorporate them into the website, so they are aligned with other marketing materials.

Use similar core colours throughout the marketing materials to maintain brand consistency. Limiting the colour selection for a website to three to four hues is recommended.

Add visual elements

Guide to building an attractive website in Singapore

Users who notice features that grab their attention when they visit a website for the first time will tend to be more interested in exploring further. Beautiful websites contain eye-catching graphics that entice visitors to want to explore more, help break up the material, and give a page more equilibrium.

When building a website, utilise various visual components on the page, such as images, videos, and infographics. Many good websites will utilise quality images and also sporadically use videos as tools of engagement with the users.

The visual elements on a website should always be relevant to the business. Do not just add images to the pages to fill empty spaces. The images should be meaningful and represent the business’s product or services.

Some examples would be to upload images of the company staff, workplace office, products, or testimonials from clients that have positive reviews from the transaction. To provide visitors visiting the site with a more genuine experience, it is advised to use actual photographs. A website might not be appealing to attract customers if there are too many stock photographs.

Provide relevant information by having videos on the website to help promote a product, offer the audience a tour of a facility, or educate them on a subject. The added visual components will help to be aesthetically appealing and keep the visitors engaged.

Choose the right font

Guide to building an attractive website in Singapore

Beautiful websites focus on more than simply the design elements and colour schemes. The text on a page also plays a significant role in the website’s attractiveness, where it helps with the audience’s ability to read the content with ease. Suppose too many competing fonts or fonts are challenging to read. In that case, users will tend not to be interested and not want to navigate to different pages.

Try to have the different website pages aesthetically pleasing and straightforward to navigate to have an attractive website design. Use the appropriate font styles and select fonts that go well together. Your typefaces should convey a good message. Typeface and font selection are crucial for the branding of a business.

Ensure Your Site Is Mobile-Friendly

Guide to building an attractive website in Singapore

A mobile-friendly website can also help increase overall sales and conversions, especially for an e-commerce website. Providing clients with a flawless mobile experience is critical in the highly competitive digital world. A mobile-friendly website is also essential for search engine optimisation because Google’s algorithm prioritises mobile-friendly websites.

Customers are more inclined to contact when it is easy for them to do so. Make the contact information, such as the email address and phone number, visible and clickable on a mobile-friendly website. If the clients only need to click once for the phone to ring, this will encourage consumers to purchase the product or services.

Being mobile-friendly will encourage users to spend more time on a website, learn more about the products or services, and have more opportunities to convert into a lead or sale. It should appear nicely on small devices without the need to zoom, have a quick loading speed, and have a user-friendly mobile navigation system. A mobile-friendly website also lowers the bounce rate since people are more likely to stay on an easy-to-use website and are less likely to leave.

Update Your Website Regularly

Guide to building an attractive website in Singapore

Updating the website content regularly plays a significant role in attracting more traffic. The more frequently a website is updated with the right content, the more likely the website will attract more visitors and recommendations through links or social media shares from visitors. Updating good content on the website will contribute to the development of client trust. An example would be to include any successful sale with positive testimonials on the website.

Customers will revisit the website for more information if there is good content. Furthermore, it provides essential information to potential customers when upgrading a website, including information if the business has expanded into a new market or removing information if it has discontinued providing a specific service.

Make Your Website Speed Faster

Guide to building an attractive website in Singapore

The loading time is a critical factor in attracting more website visitors. Both users and search engines prefer faster websites. Search engines will not recommend slow-loading websites, and visitors now will not want to wait for pages to load when browsing for information.

pay attention to how quickly a website loads after building one. To make a website load faster on all platforms, use premium hosting and a minimal number of plugins and extensions. It is essential to optimise images and videos; this is also one of the leading causes for wanting to speed up the website. Like the gallery page, some pages have more movies and photographs.

Websites that load quickly make it easy to find the search as soon as feasible. All these effective, time-saving measures will also help a business rank higher online on Google and other search engine rankings.


Generating more leads and sales can be achieved when creating an attractive website for users. Always focus on the target audience’s needs and produce relevant and good content.