Targeting the Right Audience with Facebook Ads

Targeting the Right Audience with Facebook Ads

The target market to which you will advertise is referred to as the “audience.” You can specifically target your target audience on Facebook using categories such as education, income, age, location, gender, job title, or even specific hobbies or groups that they are interested in. After you’ve set these, Facebook will show your ads to users closely related to and relevant to your ads.  

Why is Targeting the Right Audience Important? 

A critical tool for a successful ad campaign is targeting the right audience with the right message. Targeting is not as simple as you might think, as you must first determine the general demographics of your audience. No matter how unique your ad is, if you send it to the wrong audience, they will not click on it because they are uninterested. As a result, you will not be able to obtain the desired results. To emphasize this point, Facebook’s Relevance Score has shown that the better you are at targeting the right audience, your cost per click will be lower. 

Proper targeting not only makes your ads more successful by reaching out to the right audience but also lowers your overall cost of running the ad, which improves your return on investment (ROI) and boosts your company’s earnings. 

How to Establish a Successful Target Audience? 

The first step is to narrow down your target audience by getting to know your customer persona better. You can accomplish this by creating a customer avatar to guide you through creating successful Facebook Audiences.  

You can also further target the delivery of your ads with three audience selection tools:  

  1. Core Audiences categorizes audiences based on age, interest, geography, and other factors. 
  2. Custom Audiences who are people that have engaged with your business, online or offline. 
  3. Lookalike Audiences who are new people that share similar interests as your regular customers. 

You can also establish a successful target audience by looking at your existing customer database. This database allows you to identify which audience(s) have used your services so that you can begin defining their characteristics and look for a similar audience type to further expand your target audience and reach out to more people with your ads. Furthermore, you can use your current customer data to wisely track averages and trends to determine whether the ad would be successful. 


One of the most important aspects of running Facebook Ads is locating and identifying the right target audience. With a wide variety of tools available through Facebook to provide audience insights, you would be able to focus on a specific market with Facebook’s optimized ads and audiences. 

By getting to know your current and potential customer base, you can make better use of your advertising budget by utilizing it to its fullest potential and distributing these ads to potential customers who are most likely to convert.