Essential Tools for Web Development

Essential tools for web development in Singapore

Web development tools have made significant advancements over the last few years. As a result, we can now take advantage of thoroughly proven libraries’ strengths to enhance productivity and access more responsive design options when developing a website.

Furthermore, we can collaborate to construct things since version control systems are constantly improving. There are more construction alternatives than ever in excellent web applications, from browser add-ons and plugins to processors that streamline website codes.

Finding the suitable software to complete the task might occasionally seem overwhelming, though, especially since there are always new web development tools available in the market. Let us share some web development tools in this article.

Sublime Text

Essential tools for web development in Singapore

Sublime Text is a top-notch code editor for Windows, Mac, and Linux that has a user interface that is well-designed, highly powerful, and incredibly speedy. It might be complicated for some, but Sublime Text is undoubtedly highly recommended (and most well-liked).

The program’s extensive library of keyboard shortcuts includes the ability to perform simultaneous editing and quick navigation of files, symbols, and lines.

Furthermore, the GoTo Anything command, Several Selections, and Split Editing can be used to discover specific pieces of code, modify repeating areas of code, or even display code as much as possible on multiple monitors or a widescreen display. Therefore, this is the key to Sublime’s artistically managed one-person development team.

Learn to code with Sublime (no sign-up necessary). It is available for free download and evaluation. There is an option to purchase a one-time-use individual license which can be installed in systems serving as the primary user.

Chrome Developer Tools

Essential tools for web development in Singapore

Would it not be great if there is an option to view a detailed performance study of a website while editing the HTML and CSS in real-time or debugging the JavaScript?

This can be done using Google’s built-in Chrome Developer Tools. They are available in Chrome and Safari, providing website developers with access to the internal workings of their web applications. Along with this, a timeline provides a better knowledge of what the browser is doing at any time, and a palette of network tools can help optimise loading flows.

While a priceless set of tools for web development in the Google Chrome browser, do note that these are exclusive to only this browser and not other web browsers, including those based on Chromium.

Every six weeks, Google releases an update; therefore, visit their website and the Google Developers YouTube channel to keep updated on the latest updates. Use of the Chrome Developer Tools is free, and a thriving DevTools community provides support.


Essential tools for web development in Singapore

Developers have long regarded JavaScript as a strong front-end language. However, functionality frequently suffered because of JavaScript’s convoluted and difficult-to-understand syntax.

That was before jQuery, a short, compact, cross-platform JavaScript library designed to streamline the front-end procedure, entered the scene in 2006. The primary goal of jQuery is to make it much simpler to use JavaScript on your cutting-edge and intelligent website. It is recommended to have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

With less code, jQuery was created to save developers time. It wraps up a lot of essential tasks that typically involve numerous lines of JavaScript code into methods you can name with only one line of code.

JQuery abstracted much of the functionality traditionally left for developers to figure out independently, giving them more ability to add plugins, make animations, or even traverse around pages.


Essential tools for web development in Singapore

Every developer’s worst nightmare comes true when working on a brand-new project feature and making a mistake. We want to share the version control systems (VCS), notably GitHub.

The system allows viewing any modifications made to the project by rolling it out with the service or even returning to a previous state. There are numerous explanations for why GitHub is essential to developers. In addition to offering a variety of features like bug tracking, feature requests, task management, and wikis for each project, the repository hosting service also boasts a thriving open-source development community that makes team collaboration simple as pie.

With a wide variety of open-source projects to work on, it is a terrific way to get engaged and learn from the best. Many organisations will look for developers with well-developed Git skills.


A great web developer tool to create, test, and find front-end code is on CodePen. There is a shared development environment called CodePen for front-end designers and developers. Make and publish a website, showcase successes, develop test cases for learning and debugging, and be motivated.

Despite being around since 2012, this tool is expected to have another banner year in 2022, thanks to the rising number of people learning to program. In coding resources, embedding HTML, CSS, and JavaScript snippets are becoming more common because there is no better way to display your code online.

To show how user-friendly CodePen is, do take a look at this excellent feature with an aeroplane theme:

Essential tools for web development in Singapore

CodePen is a beneficial tool for developers to establish or update their web developer portfolio and showcase their GitHub profile. It’s a classy method to demonstrate the code that powers the features created and how users will see them.


Essential tools for web development in Singapore

The foundation of any front-end developer’s toolkit is typically HTML, but it has what many consider a fundamental flaw: it was not created to handle dynamic views.

This is where the open-source web framework AngularJS comes into play. By extending the HTML syntax of your application with Google’s AngularJS, developers can make it easier to read, more expressive, and quicker to develop than simple HTML.

Although some feel that this type of data binding results in cluttered, non-separated code, we still believe it is a vital skill in the front-end toolbox. The project is not without its detractors.

AngularJS integrates quickly and without difficulty with other frameworks. This open-source app development framework makes creating apps much more straightforward and aids AngularJS developers in solving problems with web apps.


Essential tools for web development in Singapore

An extension of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) called Sass (Syntactically awesome style sheets) enables developers to use variables, nested rules, inline imports, and more. Additionally, it keeps everything organised and makes creating style sheets quicker.

The most important thing in web development is time-saving technologies, and one of the first things about writing code is that it must be DRY (don’t repeat yourself). Learn about the CSS preprocessor, a tool that will enable developers to create more manageable, future-proof code while also writing less CSS (keeping it DRY).

Sass, an eight-year-old open-source project that essentially established the genre of modern CSS preprocessors, is perhaps the most well-known of them all. Although first a little challenging to understand, Sass’s use of variables, nesting, and mixins results in simple CSS when compiled, making your stylesheets easier to read and—most importantly—DRY.


With different tools available to assist developers in making website development easier, digital marketers can work with Singapore developers for web development solutions while focusing on the holistic view of the website’s performance in traffic and engagement metrics to grow the business.