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Published On: October 14, 2022 Revised On: April 12, 2023

7 Tips for Improving Conversion Rates on Your E-Commerce Site

Conversion rate is one of the most important metrics to evaluate the efficacy of specific e-commerce actions, like banner and ad clicks, sign-ups, and coupon usage. In a broader sense, it aids in determining how well the online store is performing in terms of sales. In this scenario, segment-specific conversion rates are crucial to track.

Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to a website that successfully execute the desired action. A high conversion rate indicates effective site design where people are interested in the products and services offered.

However, when we discuss conversion rate in e-commerce, we mainly refer to the number of sales made relative to the number of visits the shop received over a predetermined period.

When developing an e-commerce website in Singapore, investing in conversion tactics is crucial, especially considering online stores’ sales conversion rate.

Even if the marketing budget is used on advertisements to drive traffic to the store, it will be unsuccessful if the sales do not increase. The firm’s return on investment (ROI) is increased by conversion investments, which assist in converting visits into sales and, ultimately, profits.


Let us share more on how to improve the conversion rates.

Place Your Best Offer ‘above The Fold’

What exactly does “above the fold” mean? It is anything on a website that can be seen without scrolling right away.

Here is an interesting fact: 80% of the people who visit a store only look at the content above the fold. So we must grab their attention with an attractive offer and call to action.

For instance, you might want to advertise a new winter discount or a new line of goods. Placing users above the fold would be recommended to attract users to the products, as shown in the picture below.

7 Tips for Improving Conversion Rates on Your E-Commerce Site

The Iconic does a terrific job of increasing conversions by putting several offers above the fold.

Be Easily Contactable

Increasing customer trust is one of the best strategies to increase conversion rates.

Always provide means for customers to reach a business. This can help boost customer confidence and show that the company is reputable and authentic by placing contact information in the header and footer of the website. Make it simple for clients to contact if they need any help.

Optimise Product Descriptions for Conversions

An interesting fact is that just 15% of visitors to a website will read the descriptions of the products, yet it is this 15% who are most likely to make a purchase.

The customers who take the time to read the product descriptions are the ones who are most interested in the product or services offered and are most likely to make a purchase. Give them no reason to leave the online store with enough content.

Try to cover as much as possible and not just rely on the manufacturer’s description.

7 Tips for Improving Conversion Rates on Your E-Commerce Site

It would be recommended to have product descriptions show the product’s advantages and are organised in a simple-to-read bullet-point manner. Always focus on the advantages that the product can help the customer if purchased.

Additionally, reviews—both positive and negative—provide businesses with invaluable information about your items and suggestions for how to improve.

Include Product Filters

Customers can focus when using the product filtering feature on category sites. It enables visitors to concentrate on particular products and reach purchase decisions more quickly.

Having too many choices sometimes might affect the decision-making process if the users are presented with too many options.

7 Tips for Improving Conversion Rates on Your E-Commerce Site

SaaS websites frequently use the above tactic with only three different pricing categories.

Provide discounts and offers

A 10% off purchase and free delivery always put a smile on the customer. These promotions draw customers to the business and encourage them to make purchases. According to RetailMeNot, nearly 75% of shoppers look for deals when choosing where and what to buy.

Offers and discounts also enhance the buying experience. One of the main reasons customers leave their online shopping carts empty is high delivery fees when they receive free shipping or a voucher; shoppers also likely to spend more money.

Conversion rates can increase, and new customers can become brand loyalists by making customised offers that make sense for your business. Send a promotion when someone signs up for the email list or write customised messages for your frequent customers to increase engagement.

Target serves as a great illustration.